Happy Feet

There’s not a lot we need to say about our newest sponsor. When logging miles and miles and miles, what’s more important than your feet (ok, saddle excluded)? The cycling shoe market has gotten increasingly crowded over the past decade, but very few companies have a history of technological innovation that spans nearly half a century.

Since its inception in 1960 Sidi is responsible for the 1st nylon sole (pre carbon), the 1st micro-adjust buckle, the heel cup system, and in 2010 cycling shoes instantly dropped 60 grams with a new aerospace sole material with zero loss of strength, durability, or stiffness. After 50 years of innovation, Sidi still stands above the competition as the market leader.

Cover Your Backside

If you haven’t heard of Prologo you’re soon to be in the minority. Prologo is a relavtively new company that has experienced a meteoric rise to prominence over the last few years, which they accomplished the old fashioned way. They developed a superior product and were able to get people to try it out. It didn’t take long for word to spread, and they have become the most in-demand saddle at every echelon of racing. They now hold titles in the Tour de France and the Olymipcs as well as the numerous successes by Alessandro Petacchi and Erik Zabel.

They have become a prominent name in Europe and have aggressive plans in the US. We look forward to riding their saddles this year and letting you know what we think.

2011 Goals – 10 Degrees Latitude

2011 is a HUGE year for 10DL. First of all, thank you for all of your support in 2010. The North American event has been a long time coming and it will finally happen in 2011. Stay tuned for final details. One of the cool aspects of the course we’ve chosen is that it starts at the exact Latitude that we finished off in Europe. The European event wrapped up south of Paris at the 48th latitude. North America will begin at the 48th Latitude in Washington state and culminate in the 10-mile “Prison to Prison” open water swim from San Quentin to Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay.

In the coming days we’ll be introducing our growing list of new and continuing business partners. We couldn’t exist without the help of these sponsors. The fact that we’ve had so many new companies agree to join forces with us as well as our existing sponsors that have all increased their participation in 10DL, is a humbling and exciting statement that we’re very proud to make.

Goals for 2011:
1. 10 Degrees Latitude North America – 1000+ mile multisport event from Washington to northern California

2. Deer Creek Challenge – slated as the toughest century ride in the North America

Deer Creek Challenge Elevation

3. Summit of Mt. Evans – America’s highest road (the final 27 miles are the easiest!)

4. Summit of Long’s Peak – For Colorado mountain climbers, this is one of the toughest 14,000ft ascents in the Rocky Mountains.

5. Various local triathlons – let’s see what the season has in store!

Why Cycle North to South?

I’m a big fan of making every mistake, but only once. During 10DL Europe we mistakenly cycled north to south. We didn’t know that this was the wrong way to cycle the UK. We had a 10 mph headwind most of the way.

According to the book, “Bicycle The Pacific Coast“, if we cycle north to south–we’ll have a 10 mph tailwind most of the way. That sounds exhilarating, fast and fun.