5 Reasons Not to Wear a Wetsuit

It’s only natural that people should ask why we swim without wetsuits. The water in the San Francisco Bay varies is normally in the 50F range. That is cold compared to an 80F swimming pool or a 95F bath.

  • 212F Water Boils
  • 95F Hot Bath/Shower
  • 80F Swimming Pool
  • 63F San Francisco Bay Water Temperature (Summer)
  • 47F San Francisco Bay Water Temperature (Winter)
  • 32F Water Freezes

When folks ask me why I swim in cold water without a wetsuit I answer like this.


5 Reasons Not to Wear a Wetsuit

  1. Because we can’t… Swim competitions and Official channel crossings forbid wetsuits because they add buoyancy and give an unfair advantage compared to swimmers who swam prior to the existance of wetsuit technology.
  2. Because we don’t want to… Wetsuits are constricting and uncomfortable to wear.
  3. Wetsuits are a drag to put on a take off.
  4. Sauna feels better the colder we get.
  5. When you gotta go, you gotta go, but not in a wetsuit.
A shout-out to my high school friend Michelle Macy who posted a similar post on her blog.

Photos from 10 Degrees Europe

We did it man, and here are the photographs to show you our journey.

Best Western - Travel BlogA shout-out to Best Western, especially Marie Yarroll, Senior Manager of Public Relations. Best Western sponsored 10 Degrees Latitude and asked Neal to contribute content for their newly launched blog called “You Must Be Trippin”. The latest one is Healthy Continental Breakfasting. Give it a read and tell us what you think.

Swimming in the Ocean at Night

Last night I swam in black glass. We jumped into the San Francisco Bay ocean water after dark. It was so darn peaceful as the light of the Ghirardelli Chocholate Factory shone across the black glassy water. These are the nights that can make any workday worth living. It was a wonderful cold water training swim. My buddy Dave joined us for the apres-swim sauna then we all went back to a French place and talked about adventures past and adventures future. These are the days worth remembering.

Adam has been training these days too in Denver, where the temperatures have dropped down at night to the 40s, so I suspect most of his training has been on the Wilier cycles (shameless plug, sorry, but we love these guys).

Hope everyone’s training is going awesome. Take care.

Brandon White is ampted to join us for 10DL North America

A good friend of mine, Brandon White, asked to join us for 10DL North America. We said YES! He’s an entrepreneur and amatuer bodybuilder. His story is a typical one and three ACL repairs (all a result of playing lacrosse) and a history of endurance training and events. He’ll be training and representing 10DL on the East Coast at his home Maryland. Glad to have you join us Brandon. Welcome!

Day 25 – Back on the saddle

Ride stats today

  • 80 miles
  • Ingelmunster, Belgium to Fin, France
  • Gorgeous countryside, 15 mph headwind
  • 4 baguettes in rear pockets, 3 weddings, 7 barets

Holy smokes was it blowing out there today, but we pushed through. The French countryside was gorgeous, which made it easier. We started in Belgium and crossed the border into France during our ride. Belgium was industrial. France was filled with agrarian villages … and WEDDINGS.

Just by chance, we got to be a part of three French wedding motorcades. The cars were decorated and driving the same speed as we were biking. Everyone was happy and honking. We said “Bonjour” with our best frenchy accents. It was awesome.

Here are some pictures from the day. Time for us to rest up now, tomorrow is a 130 mile day.

Zipp Speed WeaponryThis blog post is dedicated to our friends at Zipp Speed Weaponry, especially our friend Greg Kopecky, Sponsorship Coordinator. Our bicycles have a 808 rear wheel, and 404 front wheel. This configuration is becoming the sine qua non for triathletes worldwide. The aerodynamic dimples in the carbon rim are the same as golf balls and race cars.

Hotel Les Beaux ArtsA shout-out to Best Western Hotel Les Beaux Arts in downtown Compiegne, France. Special thanks to managers Talvay and Ouidade for making us feel so at home. The rooms were the biggest we’ve had yet and the location was right along our route and on the river. Best Western Hotel Les Beaux Arts. +33 3 44922626. 33 Cours Guynemer, Compiègne, France.