Photos from 10 Degrees Europe

We did it man, and here are the photographs to show you our journey.

Best Western - Travel BlogA shout-out to Best Western, especially Marie Yarroll, Senior Manager of Public Relations. Best Western sponsored 10 Degrees Latitude and asked Neal to contribute content for their newly launched blog called “You Must Be Trippin”. The latest one is Healthy Continental Breakfasting. Give it a read and tell us what you think.

Brandon White is ampted to join us for 10DL North America

A good friend of mine, Brandon White, asked to join us for 10DL North America. We said YES! He’s an entrepreneur and amatuer bodybuilder. His story is a typical one and three ACL repairs (all a result of playing lacrosse) and a history of endurance training and events. He’ll be training and representing 10DL on the East Coast at his home Maryland. Glad to have you join us Brandon. Welcome!

Report from Interbike

Interbike was a great success this year. For those of you who aren’t aware of the event, Interbike is the largest bicycle trade event in North America. It is one of the most important events of the year for retailers, manufacturers, and and other industry folks. Over 1,000 brands are represented and 85% of all business within the cycling industry happens over these three days.

We were there for a couple of reasons. Our first objective was to personally thank all of those who took a risk and supported us last year. We’ve built great relationships with each of our sponsors, and it was great to see them for the first time since returning from Europe.

Special thanks to:

Our second objective was to foster new relationships for the future. We met some great people this year, and we’re really excited about the future. Stay tuned for new sponsor news.

This many! 10DL is 1 year old

The concept that we call “10 Degrees of Latitude” is one year old today. Hard to believe that one year ago Adam and I brainstormed this idea. The untold story about 10DL is that it was actually Adam’s wife (Amy Hazlett) who came up with the actual name. Adam came up with the idea to do the channel, I wrapped the bike ride around it, and Amy coined the 10 Degrees Latitude idea. My hat is off to Amy, and it’s also off for everyone that has helped us along the way. There are almost too many names to mention…

A rambunctious and awesome shout-out to a few special people:

Another monstrous shout-out to the crew of 10DL Europe. Without whom we would have done nothing:

  • Flora/Laura
  • Amy/Joshua/Andrew
  • Bob/Michelle
  • Tricia/Eva

Looking forward to another great year of 10DL! (our brand is so popular now that it now has an acronym!)

Participation update

Wow, what an awesome Labor Day weekend. Adam did quite a bit of biking. And I went surfing on Black’s beach in San Diego and snorkeling and jet skiing in the Baja Mexico. We are both doing our parts to keep fit and keep our tans up. Long weekends are the best!

Exciting announcement: We’ve had a wave of interest from old friends and new friends that read about our adventure in the press. Some people are interested to learn more and some people have already committed fully to joining us in 2009! We couldn’t be happier, and are excited to have so many people wanting to join us.

10 Degrees Latitude is an event to traverse 10 Degrees of Latitude on every continent. In 2008 we traversed Europe. In 2009 we will traverse the North American continent. This adventure race will be heavy on the biking, with swimming or kayaking mixed in depending on the preference of the participants.

Click here to join us in 2009.