Oh heck yah! Nike Wants 10DL to Stress Test Their Newest Hiking Boot

Nike presented us with a fun opportunity and asked us (in a casual sort of “see what you think of them” kind of way) to test out some of their new ACG outdoor gear. We’re stoked! The shoe comes in bright orange too!

Technically speaking the shoe is an innovation. The new fabric, named Flywire, has high-tensile Vectran threads (stronger than Kevlar) which cut down on weight and add stability. The technique also adds an original graphic look to the shoe.

We are going to test for vapor breathability, insulative ability, and wear. We’re going to climb stuff, get sweaty feet and hope these kicks look and feel great after thousands of feet of vertical gain and 50 pound packs.  We’ll be putting the kicks  through the paces on a few of Colorado’s 14ers in the near future. We’ll report back, stay tuned.




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Best of Interbike

Interbike always serves a product launching platform for next year’s most innovative products. We saw some awesome stuff this year. I’ve listed just a few below, and over the coming days we’ll feature some of the best new products one at a time.

  • Wilier – Cento Uno
  • Bellwether – Brilliant new line for 2009
  • Cervelo – P4
  • Gu – Roctane!
  • Giro – New 2009 Helmets
  • LAS – New 2009 Helmets
  • Colagno – CX-1 Frame
  • Garmin – 705 (officially launches in January)
  • Wilier – Cento Crono Tri Bike (officially launched June ’08)
  • Cytomax – Functional Beverages such as MuscleMilk
  • Zipp – 404’s/808’s/1080’s redesigned for 2009 (even FASTER!

A nice write-up from Gu

Gu Nutrition, makers of Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel, did a funny little write-up on us today. They sent Adam and I a list of provocative questions and asked us to respond. I hope you have as much fun reading it as we had writing it.

Here’s an excerpt.

– – –

What’s the most creative way you’ve ever carried your GU?
Neal: In my Speedo.
Adam: In my Speedo.

Funny racing/training story?
Adam: While training for Ironman Florida, I was on a long run in the backwoods of Virginia, miles from home, and miles from civilization. When nature called, I found the nearest tree. Long-story short…poison-ivy everywhere (yes everywhere). Two weeks before race day!

– – –

Day 18 – 5th training swim in Dover

Met at Dover Harbor today for the regular weekend CS&PF Swim. There were heaps of swimmers (at least 50) there at 9AM. Adam and I swam for 1 hour in the harbor just to loosen up. We were joined by our families, and after the swim the kids decided to stick their feet in the water. Lots of fun. Adam and I wanted to give another SHOUT-OUT to our support crew again: Michelle, Bob, Amy, Laura, Flora, Tricia, Andrew, Joshua, and Princess Ava. They are always ready with fluffy towels, GU nutrition, hot water, and loving praise. They rock.

Before, during and after the swim we met lots of fellow channel swimmers. We finally put a name to a face with Mark Robson.  We also met some new folks from New Jersey and California — folks I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of during our upcoming North America swims. Some of the folks we met have blogs:

  • Mark Robson (congrats on your 6 hr swim today mate!)
  • Karah Nazor (always nice to see a fellow San Franciscan, good luck tomorrow!)

We are close to GO-TIME here in Dover. Tomorrow there is a chance we’ll swim. Our pilot (Dave Whyte) will call us tonight at 7PM to let us know. So, keep us in your thoughts tonight, hopefully we’ll swim the channel tomorrow.

Here are some pictures that we grafted from other folk’s blogs. Enjoy. Hope you’re all well.