Cadence Cycle & Multisport discount

Holy mackerel. Our biggest sponsor is now sponsoring all of Penn! From now until May 31 2008 Penn Students and faculty get a discount at Cadence.

10% discount All gear except new bikes
15% discount Fitness diagnostics, conditioning programs, and bike fits

Cadence Cycling was founded in 2004 by a Penn graduate, so I think what they’re doing for Penn is pretty cool. I got my road bike at Cadence and it’s sweet. They are the Lexus of bike dealers. They are all about the science of athletics. Go check them out, on Saturday’s (I think) they have free in-house coffee and sweets.

Some marketing copy about these guys: Cadence Cycling & Multisport is not a bike shop. Sure, the world’s most exclusive bike frames line the floor. But world-renowned coaches also train all levels of cyclists and triathletes on state-of-the-art CompuTrainers and Endless Pools®. And athletes with visions of Kona or the Tour undergo VO2 Max and lactate threshold tests. When you walk in, we’re not trying to sell you a bike. We’d rather talk to you about your goals and how we can help you achieve them. Whether that means a new Italian frame, a specialized fitting of your current bike, an individualized coaching program, an on-site strength and conditioning program or one of our other unique services, Cadence will help you evolve as an athlete.

Here’s the discount coupon…


You’re Doing What??

In every athletic endeavor that I’ve ever trained for, I’ve always hit that point in training where motivation drops off and every lap or every mile seems like an eternity. You know what I’m talking about, it’s the one where you spend the entire workout thinking “Is this almost over?” This is what I’m facing right now, and my solution is to grind through it. Neal’s solution, on the other hand, is to go heli skiing in Alaska.

Sure ’nuff. He’s in Alaska for 9 days heli skiing! He’d better be taking advantage of the open water swimming up there. If he can do the 38F water temps in the Prince William Sound in February, then he can certainly handle the 55F water temps in Dover in July.

Points North Heli Skiing
Points North Heli SkiingPoints North Heli Skiing

Success at the Interbike Conference

las_vegas_welcome_sign-717272.jpgInterbike is the largest bicycle trade show in the world. Over 22,000 people come each year. Some people come to buy (retailers). And some people come to sell (manufacturers and distributors).  80% of wholesale bike merchandise is sold during the 3 days of Interbike. They hold the event at the huge Vegas Conference Center in the Venetian each year.

Want to raise money for an expedition? You have to visit your sport’s trade show!

If you want to raise money for an expedition I suggest attending trade shows like this for four reasons:

  1. Face to face meetings with your prospective sponsors inspires huge trust. Makes getting sponsorship more likely.
  2. Seeing the gear first hand lets you know which gear you want most
  3. Giving your pitch in-person is great practice for giving it on the phone later 
  4. Trade shows are fun

We came to raise money and get gear sponsors for 10 Degrees Latitude Europe (July 2008). We made business cards (see contact page) and printed a one-page double-sided flyer. The business cards do a good job of establishing credibility and showing that we aren’t just a couple of schmucks. The flyer summarized our goals, needs and value proposition.

Adam and I spent 14 hours in Vegas. 4 hours at the airport, 2 hours in transit, 2 hours eating, and 6 hours at the conference. It was a PACKED 6 hours. We visited with over 40 companies, most of them together. And it was totally worth it. People responded very well to our goals, had positive things to say, and we already have many verbal commits from the best brands in biking.

As is always the case, we couldn’t have done it without our friends… My cousin Reghan gave us entrance passes (care of our friends at Specialized). Our friend Matt from Cadence Cycles advocated for us with amazing introductions to his favorite manufacturers. Even the people at the concessions counter were on our side (2 for 1 hotdogs).

More to come about our favorite gear from Interbike 2007!