Day 23 – Channel Day Moments

We swam the channel yesterday.  Today is a planned day to rest, recoop and reenergize. We still have 200 more miles to bike to get to Paris — which will start day after tomorrow.

Some stats about our swim:

  • Dover, UK to Calais, France
  • 14 hours 23 minutes
  • 21 miles
  • Water temp 60F
  • In terms of nutrition… We each fed once every 30 minutes in the water on GU Roctane and GU20 using the Gu-Bot bottle. The bottle held 2 GU packets in a separate chamber from the warmed GU hydration. We ate 2 packets and 12 ounces of warm water during each feeding.
  • Seas were pretty rough at times
  • Our pilot on channel day was David Whyte. Seriously folks, he’s the best in the business and has piloted over 350 successful channel swims. 350!!! His support was phenomenal. His thoughts we only on the swimmers — and his hand-picked crew helped our crew huge. His boat is one of the largest in the fleet. I remember late during the swim when he turned around and shouted encouragement to me in the water at the top of his lungs, flinging his arms in celebration. He was wonderful. It’s a pity he’s retiring this year — but we hear he’s trained an awesome successor in Chris Osmond.

Check out these videos and photographs:

Predator goggleA shout-out to Skyline Goggles, especially our friend Rick Runckel, President. Neal used the Predator goggles (pictured) during his crossing. These goggles are built for open water swimming — they have a huge viewing angle and don’t hurt eye sockets during swims, whether those swims are 1 hour or 14 hours.

Day 21 – 8th training swim in Dover

Got word again from our pilot that tomorrow is our Channel Swim Day. We will start at 6AM from English sand and swim till we hit sand (i.e. France).  It will take us 14 hours or so. Wish us luck.

The below picture is a view near our sandy starting point in Dover. The videos are taken from the hilltop shoreline of Dover, looking out across the channel toward Calais, France.

Day 19 – 6th training swim in Dover

Swim stats today

  • 2 hours
  • 10 dudes in drysuits diving for shipwrecks in the harbor

Well, we did yet another training swim. Got the call from our pilot (Dave Whyte) last night that we weren’t going to be relaying the channel, so we decided to acclimatize swim again. Since we couldn’t go we did 2 hours today. Adam in one shot and me split between morning/evening (just for kicks).

In other news, Adam’s son Joshua almost walked for the first time today, which would have been amazing. How cool would it be if he took his first steps on the same day that we swam the channel!

Hopefully day after tomorrow is our day. Tomorrow I will post my exploration video of Dover’s anti-French fortifications — cool stuff.

Day 16 – 3rd training swim in Dover

Swim stats today

  • 1.5 hours
  • Serious chop, especially on the east side of the harbor
  • 200 gulls, zero fishies

Hello from Dover! Another nice swim today. Might head out for a night swim close to sun-down. Due to the relatively high latitude of Dover (and England itself) the sun rises earlier and sets later than much of the USA. Sun rises here at 5AM and sets at 915PM. Nice long days for swim workouts.

On the home front, the last days have involved a lot of time cooking around the house and some hanging out by the beach and swimming. Here are some pics and a vid of both.

Warning: Seriously boredom inducing video to follow. If you watch 2 seconds of it you’ll get a taste for the conditions.