You’re Doing What??

In every athletic endeavor that I’ve ever trained for, I’ve always hit that point in training where motivation drops off and every lap or every mile seems like an eternity. You know what I’m talking about, it’s the one where you spend the entire workout thinking “Is this almost over?” This is what I’m facing right now, and my solution is to grind through it. Neal’s solution, on the other hand, is to go heli skiing in Alaska.

Sure ’nuff. He’s in Alaska for 9 days heli skiing! He’d better be taking advantage of the open water swimming up there. If he can do the 38F water temps in the Prince William Sound in February, then he can certainly handle the 55F water temps in Dover in July.

Points North Heli Skiing
Points North Heli SkiingPoints North Heli Skiing

One thought on “You’re Doing What??

  1. hey adam. good one. yes, heli skiing has been awesome here. The snow is out of this world! It’s not aerobic, but it is definitely a great leg workout. See you soon!